IT SUPPORT and WEBSITES with a friendly touch and reasonable rates 🙂

It was in 10th grade (1992) when a class presentation about computer viruses lead to the creation of my first website, which helped thousands prevent, diagnose, and remove computer virus problems. I soon had my own blog and later was active on every major social network there was. In 11th grade I landed my first job building Personal Computers: From picking the right computer parts, assembly, OS installation, testing, networking, troubleshooting, to upgrading – I can help.

While I was still working for I had already helped numerous people with their blogs and websites. I also volunteered at various nonprofits to webmaster a little on the side/site.

When 5 different people asked me, if I could help with their websites, I figured it was time to make this a little more official. So, was born. What can I say, I love bacon and all the short domain names are taken.

I am helping local business and non-profits around West Seattle. The way I like working through this is that I do the initial setup of the domain, hosting, software (like WordPress) and then teach the owner how to write updates and upload images and where to find help. So, if you know of anyone who needs a new website or help with their social media presence send them my website.

If you need help with your PCs, Network, Applications, or even individualized user training, please contact me.